Our Mandate

The LWCC at York University is sponsored by two main bodies: York University students (via the York University Student Centre Student Levy) and CUPE Local 3903, through financing provided via contract negotiations with York University.

The Centre is designed to provide a positive childcare option that is directly responsive to the specific needs of students and educational workers. This works to supplement and complement the existing childcare facilities on campus – in other words, to provide licensed part-time childcare. The main objectives that guide development and operation of the Centre are as follows:

  1. Determine and address the particular needs of the student and educational worker members at York University;

  2. Act as liaison with parties interested in childcare;

  3. Develop and maintain a flexible licensed childcare and a resource service;

  4. Oversee daily management including attending to long- term planning and the establishment of objectives;

  5. Oversee the security, financial operations and policies of the Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre at York University;

  6. Encourage involvement of representatives, particularly parent representatives, in the administration of the Centre.

The LWCC at York University provides innovative childcare to the York University community, with a particular focus on the needs of students. Operated by the York University Student Centre Childcare, the Centre is a not-for-profit organization, offering a holistic approach to early childhood development in a safe, positive, and inclusive environment.