September - October 2019

Welcome to new and returning families!


Please take a moment to read the staff profiles on our website – – they are also posted on the wall across from the kitchen door.


The staff have some great programs planned for the children. Staff will also be assigned a child(ren) for documentation. Please take a moment to read your child’s binder, however, please do not take any items in the binder home. They will be given to you once you withdraw from our program.


Please ensure we have received all of your information for your file. We will be licensed soon and will receive non-compliance if files are incomplete.

I will be going through every file and will let you know if there is anything missing,


We are pleased to announce that Michelle Pham will be returning to Lee Wiggins in October.





o    Annual flu shots are required. Once completed, provide the Centre with the form for us to photocopy.

o    Wash your hands and your child’s upon entering the Centre.

o    Only full-time children have permanent cubbies. Please remove the name tag at the end of your stay.

o    Part-timers – leave diapers in your

child’s pouch by the washroom.

o    Full-timers – check your child’s

basket/bin for diapers.

o    Ensure that your child is warm and comfortably dressed for fall weather.

o    Please help us out by removing mucky outdoor shoes before entering the Centre. Also, tuck hats and into jacket sleeves.

o    Label all your child’s belongings (i.e., hats, shoes and clothes) so we can keep lost items to a minimum.

o    Please see Stephanie for financial questions with the exception of payment. Any staff may assist with counting cash

o    September 2: Closed. Labour day.

o    September 3: 1st Day for YorkU classes.

o    September 22: First day of fall.

o October 9: Annual General Meeting 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm.

o    October 12-18: Reading week (Centre open)

o    October 14: Centre closed. Thanksgiving.

o    October 23 – November 3: Costume Mash Up (Optional costume participation).

o    October 24: RECE Appreciation Day!

o    October 31: York Lanes Halloween walk.



Michelle Pham – Acting Coordinator, Registered Early Childhood Educator

Stephanie Pappas – Acting Assistant Coordinator, Registered Early Childhood Educator

Alexandria Spadafora –Registered Early Childhood Educator

Rita Colacino – Full Time Early Childhood Assistant

Carly Laurenza – Early Childhood Assistant

Ayesha Saleem – Early Childhood Assistant

 Alix Best – Early Childhood Assistant

Cindy Sanchez –Early Childhood Assistant

Varisha Memon –Early Childhood Assistant

Christy Tse –Early Childhood Assistant

Sayera Babur – Early Childhood Assistant

LWCC’s Amazing Board of Directors!

The Board is made up of 7 members. The full Board typically meets 10 times per year, usually for 2 hours. Meetings are typically held monthly with the exception of the summer and December.

The responsibilities of Board members include but are not limited to:

·        Ensuring that the LWCC meets the needs of the people it serves.

·        Ensuring financial solvency of the LWCC through budget development/approval; monthly review of financial statements and ensuring an annual audit.

·        Ensuring LWCC meets all legal standards and requirements.

·        Assisting the Coordinator to market the Centre’s services, lobby and raise funds.

·        Developing a mission statement and policies for the Coordinator to implement.

·        Selecting the Coordinator and delegating the person to carry out their policies.

·        Providing the Coordinator, a complete and current job description.

·        Evaluating the Coordinator based on performance (Formal evaluation annually, but ongoing feedback provided).

·        Working as a team with the Coordinator and Staff to accomplish objectives.

Board of Directors 2018/2019

Mike Cado – Chair

Kevin Reynolds – Secretary

Michael Fraschetti – Treasurer  

Wan Park

Rob Castle

Natasha Walsh

Noreen Cauley


The Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2019

The LWCC Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 from 5:30 P.M. – 7:00 P.M. Light snacks will be provided for members (parents/guardians/staff/board) during this meeting. Meeting room is TBA.

We need a 10% enrollment of parents/guardians to attend.

 This is a major financial meeting of your membership to the LWCC. At this time, members are presented with the previous year’s audit for discussion and approval. The Centre’s Operating Budget is presented, along with any other information and business such as upcoming fundraisers.


At each meeting of the members, be it annual or general, quorum must be obtained. Quorum refers to the minimum number of officers and members that must necessarily be present for the valid transaction of Cooperation business. It is important that members try to attend such meetings, or if that is not possible, to find a member who is attending and send their proxy vote.

Board of Directors

Members of the LWCC are encouraged to stand for election to become a board member. This is the Centre’s highest decision- making body. Having member representation is critical to the sustainability and success of the Centre.

Parking fees are reimbursed to board members who provide a receipt when attending a board meeting on campus. Please keep the receipt(s)!


The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Michelle Pham will be returning to the Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre as Acting Coordinator.  Michelle has been on an extended series of leaves before and after the birth of her daughter.  Michelle has a long history with the Centre.  She first joined Lee Wiggins in 2006 as a summer student volunteer.  For six years until 2012, Michelle was an assistant childhood educator when she gained her ECE.  In January 2013, Michelle was promoted to Assistant Coordinator.  Please join the Board welcoming Michelle back to the Centre.

While Michelle was on leave, Stephanie Pappas has been the Acting Assistant Coordinator, with full supervisory responsibility over the Centre.  Working closely with the Board, Stephanie guided Lee Wiggins through some very challenging times and the Board wants to acknowledge her excellent leadership and to thank her for her dedication and wonderful work with children, staff, and parents.  Stephanie will continue as the Acting Assistant Coordinator.

The Board has decided that this would be the best time to carry out an open search for the position of Lee Wiggins Coordinator, something we have not done in over 20 years.  Our plan will be to use the next six months to undertake the search.  We will be sharing more information with you in the coming weeks.  In the mean time we are excited to have such a strong staff team on board and look forward to working with the team.

Student Subsidy Fund

We are excited to announce that LWCC is establishing a Student Subsidy Fund to offer assistance for childcare needs to undergraduate and graduate students who are not eligible for other subsidies. This Fund seeks to provide some help to York’s student-parent population in an effort to break down financial barriers that student-parents often face in completing their studies. If you are an undergraduate or graduate student not currently covered by the CUPE 3903 discount, please notify staff in order to register for the Student Subsidy.

We invite members to spread the word so that students who are considering daycare for their children can be informed of their options at our centre. At the same time, we invite donations from individuals and organizations, for which we would issue a charity receipt


Allergy Alert

LWCC is aware that some of the children attending the Centre have allergies, some of which may be life threatening. These allergies may include a condition known as anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic shock caused by exposure to certain foods and other substances.

Common allergens include peanuts, strawberries, fish, shellfish, wheat, dairy, soy, latex, and bee stings.

LWCC does not claim to be free of foods and non-food items that may lead to a severe allergic or anaphylactic reaction. However, our Centre’s anaphylaxis plan is designed to ensure that children at risk are identified and strategies are in place to minimize the potential for accidental exposure.

LWCC takes reasonable efforts to reduce the risk to children with severe allergies or anaphylaxis. Creating an environment that reduces the risks will require the cooperation and understanding of all members of LWCC, including staff, volunteers and parents/guardians.


Book and Toy Lending Library

The resource books are available for borrowing for a two-week period. One book per adult and two books per child may be borrowed, due to the size of the library we offer.

The toy lending library offers a wide variety of toys reigning in ages from infancy to school-age children. Toys and costumes can be borrowed for a one-week period and on a one-per-child basis.

If a book or toy is lost or misused the fee will be the full replacement cost. All fees collected will be put into a fund for the purchase of new resource materials.

Documentation Partners

Staff documents observations of each child based on the Early Learning for Every Child Today document (E.L.E.C.T.). Each child has a documentation binder found on the divider.

Full time children are generally paired with a part time staff and full time staff paired with a part time child. This way, we optimize the amount of observation time between partners.

Full time children are documented once a week, part time children twice per month.

Although each child will have one designated documenter, please keep in

mind that all staff supervises the children. There is not just one “go to” staff.

Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. At the end of the day, please arrive at 5:30 p.m. and leave the Centre by 5:40 p.m.

The staff has had a long day and have many duties to prepare for the next day. Please be respectful of the staffs’ time.


P.A. Days

Do you need or know someone who may require care for school-aged children? If so, we offer occasional and emergency care!

Please email the Centre ahead of time to see if we have space

Vacation Notification

The LWCC is open during YorkU reading weeks. If you would like to request a vacation during this time, please provide the Centre with one month written notice.

 Members who register their child(ren) for 1 year, or 3 consecutive semesters may take 10 consecutive business days without being charged. 5 consecutive business days of vacation may be taken at a time. All other vacation time that is taken will be considered payable days.