September-October 2018

Welcome Everyone!

We are excited to start a band new term, with new families and a few new staff. We were proud to send our well-prepared children off to “Big School” and are confident they will excel!

Please take a moment to read the staff profiles on our website, they are also going to be posted across from the kitchen door.

The staff have some great programs planned for the children. Staff will also document their observations of your child(ren) and follow up with activities and document their process in their binder.

Please take time to read your child’s binder, as the staff have put a lot of thought and care into programs and the documentation.

All contents of the binder will be given to you when you withdraw from our program.

Please ensure we have received all of your information for your file. We will be licensed soon and will receive non-compliance if files are incomplete. Michelle will be reviewing all children’s file and may ask you to sign or complete missing information.

Here too a great year and hope we have great weather for fall as our summer was not great this year!