July-August 2019

Happy Summer!

As a lot of children are leaving us this September, it is time to register new children. If you are staying at the Centre, there will be a fall survey that will be going out shortly. Please fill it out as best as you can and hand it in by the due date.

It is important that I have everyone’s schedule as soon as possible, in order to let new parents know when we have space for their children.

We are closed the week of August 19th for registration week. Please make sure that you empty out all your belongings in your cubby.

A reminder that if your last month is August, you need to let me know via e-mail by July 26th, if you have not already let me know (verbal communication does not count). We only return your refund deposit at the end of every semester (April, August and December). If you leave mid-semester, it is in our policy that you will not receive your refund deposit back.

We hope everyone has a wonderful summer and good luck to all the children that are off to school in September!





Upon arrival please take your child to the washroom. If your child does not need to use the washroom, please make sure that your child washes his/her hands before playing with toys. As well, if your child is still in diapers, please make sure they have enough diapers for the day in their bathroom cubby.


Please remember to label all of your child’s belongings. This way all items will be back in your child’s cubby and there will be no confusion. Items without labels can be found in the lost and found bin in the cubby



When arriving to the Centre, please remember to take out any items from your child’s backpack and put it above in their basket in their cubby. Items such as their hats, sunscreens, water play items, extra clothing, etc., should be in their baskets. This makes it easier for staff to grab before heading outside and to ensure we do not forget any items for your child to wear outside.


Now that it is summer, please remember to bring things for water play for your child (bathing suit, swimmers (diapers), towel, water shoes, and an extra bag to put wet swimsuit in, etc.) as we will be enjoying water play when it is hot outside.



On top of the divider board, we have documentation for all the children. Please feel free to take a look in your child’s documentation binder to see their learning through play



• Monday August 5, 2019 for Civic Holiday

• Monday August 19 to Friday August 23, 2019 for Registration (FEES ARE PRORATED)


Families who register their child for ONE year or THREE consecutive semesters may take ten vacation days without being charged. Five consecutive business days of vacation may be taken at a time. All other vacation time will be considered payable days. Families who register their child for TWO semesters may take five consecutive business days of vacation and not be charged. All other vacation time will be payable.

Parents MUST notify Stephanie TWO weeks prior to taking vacation



It’s that time of the year again, to say goodbye to some of our amazing older friends! We would like to say goodbye and give our best regards to the children and the families that are leaving the Centre. We have enjoyed building a relationship and exploring with your children and will truly miss each and every one of you. We look forward to your visit and to hear all about big school!

• Establish strong routines at home: bedtime routines,

reading routines & family mealtime routines

• Encourage independence and self-care

• Talk to your child and tell them what to expect in big school by expressing excitement and enthusiasm (who the teacher will be, the daily school routine, talk about your own experiences when you went to school & involve your child when going school shopping)

• Arrange for your child to spend time with relatives or family friends so they can develop a growing sense of independence and capacities for communicating needs with other adults

• If you have registered your child for big school already, go for a visit before the first day so they can familiarize themselves with the school and have an idea of where they will be attending

• Lastly, just HAVE FUN! We will miss our older friends and we wish the best of luck to everyone!


• Centreville Amusement Park: www.centreisland.ca

• Canadian National Exhibition (CNE):


• LEGOLand Discovery Centre Toronto: www.legolanddiscoverycentre.ca/toron to

• Toronto Zoo: www.torontozoo.com

• Pirate Life: www.piratelife.ca

• Riverdale Farm: http://riverdalefarmtoronto.ca/



• 1 large round slice of

watermelon (cut 1 inch thick)

• 8 wooden lollipop sticks


Cut the slice of watermelon into 8 triangle portion. Use a knife to make a slit in the skin of each portion and push the wooden stick into the slit.

Freeze on a plate or baking tray for 1 hour. You can then transfer the pops into freezer bags to store.

May-June 2019

Happy May/June!

 Please make sure you dress the children appropriately for the weather, as we do spend 2 hours outside a day.

 In the summer months, our numbers are typically lower than usual. If you need extra care, please ask one of the staff members and we will most likely be able to accommodate your request.

With that being said, please also pay your invoice on time, as we do not have a lot of children enrolled and need to pay our staff members.

Please refer to our May and June calendar, as we do have a lot of activities in store for the children.

We are going to Black Creek Pioneer village on Thursday, May 16th, 2019. If you are not scheduled that day, you are still more than welcome to join us, at no extra cost. Please arrive at the Centre no later than 8:30am.







As summer approaches I’m sure lots of families will be planning vacations! If your child is going to be taking time off from daycare, you must give Stephanie at least
2 weeks notice.

-         If your child is registered for
8 months (2 semesters), you may take 5 consecutive days off without being charged. All other vacation days will be considered payable days.

-         If your child is registered for
1 year (3 semesters), you may take 10 consecutive days off (or 2 sets of 5 days) without being charged. All other vacation days will be payable.


April, August, and December are the months you may withdraw from the Centre and receive your refund for your deposit.

If your child will be leaving for the summer and returning in the fall, you must leave your deposit to ensure that a spot will be held for you in September.


You will be charged $5 on your May fee memo for sunscreen for the year.

If you wish to bring in your own sunscreen for us to use on your child, please do so and let us know so that the $5 fee can be waived.


- MAY 20th – closed for Victoria Day

- Registration Week – closed for 1 week in August (19th – 23rd)


Gentle Reminders



The weather is finally warming up! Please remember to bring a summer hat and the appropriate outdoor shoes—no crocs or flip flops please or anything with an open back, as they are a tripping hazard.

You should always have at least one extra change of clothes for your child.

Please label all clothing with your child’s name.


Feel free to take a look in your child’s documentation binder to see their progress at Lee Wiggins! Toddlers have blue binders and preschoolers have red binders. Full-time children get documented once a week and part-time children get documented once every other week. 


If your child is only at the Centre part-time, please remove your name tag from the cubby when you leave the Centre, and put it in the corresponding lettered box on the wall. The cubbies are shared with other part-time children.


In the next few months, we will have to say goodbye to some of our amazing friends, some of which will be moving on to “big school”! We give our best regards as we say goodbye to the children and the families that are leaving the Centre. We have truly treasured our time spent with your children and will miss each one of you dearly. We look forward to your visits!




On Thursday May 16th, we will be exploring art and history on a morning field trip to Black Creek Pioneer Village!

Permission forms are due back by

May 10th at the latest.

If your child is not scheduled for Thursdays, please know that you are still more than welcome to bring your child for that day for no extra charge.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let Stephanie or Ayesha know!


Spring is in the air, and that means there are lots of cuddly newborn animal babies! Enjoy a day with the family exploring all the new additions to the Zoo.



Every spring the Sakura trees blossom for about 1-2 weeks, and they’ve started to blossom this year! High Park is one of the best places in the city to see them.



On Sunday May 12th, go for a delicious brunch at AGO Bistro with Mom and the family. Featuring a special kids’ menu, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!



Enjoy dinner and a show with the family for Father’s Day at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. On Sunday June 16th, dads are free!


  1. Draw or trace a heart onto a piece of paper and cut it out.

  2. Position the heart on another piece of paper and temporarily stick it down using sticky tac or tape.

  3. Using as many different colours as you like, dip your fingers in paint and place fingerprints all over the paper.

  4. When it’s dry, remove the heart cut-out and voila! A beautiful painting for Mother’s Day.




  1. Cheap wooden frame (can be purchased at the dollar store)

  2. Photo or message for inside

  3. Materials to decorate frame (rocks, buttons, shells, etc.)

  4. Glue (*optional: hot glue)

Help your child to make a picture frame for Father’s Day by gluing decorations on it (you may want to assist them and use hot glue). Can make a great gift for any occasion!




-         Bananas

-         Wow Butter (or other nut or nut-free butter)

-         Strawberry Jam (or other type of fruit jam)


1.    Slice bananas around 1.5-2cm thick.

2.    Add a small amount of butter and jam to 2 slices of banana.

3.    Make sandwiches out of the bananas and place the treats on a tray lined with paper.

4.    Freeze until solid, for approx. 2 hours, then transfer to a freezable container/bag.

5.    Enjoy these delicious healthy snacks straight from the freezer! Store properly, they maintain their best quality for 2-3 months, but will remain safe beyond that time.

frozen banana.jpg

January-February 2019


Happy New Year!

Welcome back to our returning friends and our new friends!

We hope everyone had a great start to the new year and is settling back into routines nicely. Our staff would like to send a special thank you to all the parents and children for the lovely cards and thoughtful gifts. We really appreciate it and look forward to having another great year with you!

A reminder to parents that we are having a photographer come in to take class photos. He is coming in Tuesday January 22nd and Thursday January 24th around 1030 a.m. If you are not scheduled for either of these days, you are welcome to send me an e-mail and let me know that you would like to come in for the photo session.

We are hosting two Ryerson students this semester, Julia and Athena, that are starting with us the week of January 21st.


November-December 2018

Happy November/December!

Time is moving quickly as we find ourselves preparing for January 2019! We will be registering a few new families in the winter term, so it is imperative that our current members pass in your January schedule request no later than December 10th, 2018.

A reminder that this is the first year that we are staying open until the holidays. The last day the Centre is open is December 21st, 2018. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Kevin Reynolds, the secretaryon the Board of Directors at reynol15@yorku.ca.

We have a few new volunteers and will host two E.C.E. students in the new year. Please take a moment to introduce yourselves and make them feel welcome!

We would like to wish everyone happy holidays and a Happy New Year! Stay safe and warm!

Best, Stephanie

September-October 2018

Welcome Everyone!

We are excited to start a band new term, with new families and a few new staff. We were proud to send our well-prepared children off to “Big School” and are confident they will excel!

Please take a moment to read the staff profiles on our website www.yorkuchildcare.ca, they are also going to be posted across from the kitchen door.

The staff have some great programs planned for the children. Staff will also document their observations of your child(ren) and follow up with activities and document their process in their binder.

Please take time to read your child’s binder, as the staff have put a lot of thought and care into programs and the documentation.

All contents of the binder will be given to you when you withdraw from our program.

Please ensure we have received all of your information for your file. We will be licensed soon and will receive non-compliance if files are incomplete. Michelle will be reviewing all children’s file and may ask you to sign or complete missing information.

Here too a great year and hope we have great weather for fall as our summer was not great this year!