Registration Process

The main registration period is in August. Upon booking registration, parents are required to pay a $50 (non-refundable) registration fee. This registration fee can be paid in person with cheque or cash, or via an Interac E transfer.
Once registered, new members pay their refundable deposit (half of their first monthly fees) and a Centre membership fee ($150—September to August enrollment). They must also complete a registration package that includes forms and policies to be read and signed.
Confirmation of requested schedules will occur as soon as possible, bearing in mind that scheduling for a part-time centre such as ours is complex as we must monitor the staff-to-child ratio at all times in the Centre.

Successive registrations occur near the end of each term (Fall, Winter, Summer). Continuing members are asked to complete schedule requests for the next semester (a period of four months), while those members who are not continuing on at the Centre must provide one calendar month notice of their departure in order for their deposit to be returned.

Important Forms: All relevant forms (eg. medical) should be signed and given to the Coordinator before any care can be provided. Check out our Forms Section for more information.

Introductions & Preliminary Visits: It is very important that you visit the Centre with your child/ren before they attend on their own. This is to ensure that your child becomes familiar with the environment and the staff, so that he/she will feel much more comfortable and secure when eventually left alone with Centre staff.

We strongly suggest two or three short visits where you can either remain with your child for the entire time, or leave for a short period and return. There will be no charge for these preliminary visits; however, we do request that you let us know when you would like to come before visiting.

Transition Policy: Transitioning into a childcare setting can often be stressful for both parents and children. At the Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre we strive to create and maintain a stable, nurturing environment for each child in care.

Experience has shown us that transition time is appropriate for most children and we have designed several strategies to provide an environment that supports the child\parent\caregiver relationship. When a child enters the Lee Wiggins Childcare Centre, staff members are introduced to the parent(s) and child(ren). The staff then introduces the new arrivals to the other children in the hopes that they will feel accepted and comfortable.

A general schedule has been developed to ease a child’s transition into the new environment. This schedule is a guideline for parents and staff to follow. However, we realize the necessity for being flexible as each child has different needs, and parents also have other commitments. We strive to meet these individual needs whenever possible.

Your children may cry when they see you leaving and we understand that it is difficult to leave under these circumstances. Our experience shows us that it is best to be consistent. So if you say you are going to leave it is best to wait until you are ready to go, and then follow through. It can be confusing for a child to hear you are going to leave and then see that you haven’t left the Centre. Staff will always be available to assist you and your child with your transition times.