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Mandatory Forms

Allergy and Anaphylaxis Policy*
Dietary Restriction Requiring a Health Plan*
Emergency Contact Page
Medical Condition Requiring a Health Plan*
Medication Permission Form*
Parent Class Schedule*
Registration Form
Sleep Preference Form
Immunization Form
Immunization through the Lifespan

*Please state on form if not applicable

Additional Forms

E-transfer Payment Procedure
Information Change
Medical Exemption Form
Occasional Care Form
Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief
Waitlist Form
Waitlist Policy

Occupational Policies and Procedures

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment in the Workplace
AODA Accessibility Staff Manual
AODA Lee Wiggins
Ministry of Education BILL143
Notice Of Disruption
Occupational Health & Safety Policy
Occupational Policy and Procedure Acknowledgement Form
Violence Risk Assessment
Workplace Violence Policy

Policies and Procedures

Animal, Reptile and Amphibian Policy and Procedure
Anti Discrimination Anti Harrassment Policy
Child Abuse Policy
Child Guidance Policy
Child Supervision Policy
Cleaning and Sanitizing Policy
Diapering and Toileting Policy and Procedures
Environmental Cleaning and Disinfecting Policy and Procedure
E-Safety, Photo, Video Policy
Exclusion of Sick Children Policy and Procedure
Expressed Breast Milk Policy and Procedure
Fee Memo
Firedrill and Evacuation Procedure
Gardening Policy and Procedure
Hand Hygiene Policy and Procedure
Health and Wellness Policy
How to Present Instruction for Positive Outcomes
Human Biting Incident Policy and Procedure
Laundry Policy and Procedure
LWCC Program Statement
LWCC Program Statement and Implementation on Prohibited Practice
Management of Common Communicable Diseases Policy and Procedure
Management of Outbreaks Policy and Procedure
Medication Procedure
Nutrition Policy
Parent and Child Code of Conduct
Parent Complaint Procedure
Parent Issues and Concerns
Pest Control Policy and Procedure
Playground Policy
Public Health
Racial, Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Bias Policy
Safe Drinking Water Policy
Self-Regulation Policy
Serious Occurrence Notification Form
Serious Occurrence Policies and Procedures
Sleep Monitoring and Visual Checklist
Smoke Free Ontario
Smoke-Free Ontario Act – Employers and Employees
Staff Training Policy
Symptoms of Ill Health Report
Toy Cleaning and Disinfecting Policy and Procedure
Volunteer and Student Policy
Withdraw Policy